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8.2.1 offers Mobile Bulk Sms Software broadcasts single text messages to targeted number of audiences
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22 May 2013

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This tool helps send SMS messages in bulk.

This tool can organize sending SMS in bulk. The purpose may be direct marketing or any other use that has to serve a large number of recipients. This tool will let you send unlimited number of text messages. The messages can be in any number of languages as the tool is Unicode compatible. A PC can be used with a GSM and Windows mobile phone. The tool includes several features that help even out the load on the network when you attempt to send a large number of messages. The interface is very simple. Just about any user will be able to use the tool without a problem. All that is required is the savvy to use computers. You can program the called party number to send just one message. For bulk application, you need to provide a list of addressee numbers.

This list can be imported if required. The tool has an editor that helps create, edit and format the message to be sent. The actual delivery of the messages could be spaced out at different intervals so that you do not send too many messages at the same time. The utility will be able to detect any duplicate numbers and refrains from sending the message to it a second time. As the messages go out, you would be able to view the messages received from the network. As the tool uses GSM network, you would be able to address local as well as international numbers. This is a useful tool and could be handy if you have a need.

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You can visit to download Mobile Bulk Sms Software sends unlimited text messages in different languages to global mobile audiences. Advance Text Messaging Application provides advanced delay delivery option to control the load of bulk SMS. Send Bulk SMS Software instantly delivers notification as well as standard messages from GSM mobile connected with computer system. Follow us on Google+:
Mobile Bulk Sms
Mobile Bulk Sms
Version 8.2.1
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